Little Paxton Visoglide Plus

Smart Aluminium Windows & Doors, a leading provider of innovative architectural solutions, recently concluded a remarkable project in Little Paxton St Neots. The company successfully installed their cutting-edge product, the Slide 2000, which represents the pinnacle of Smart’s esteemed series of sophisticated sliding doors and windows. This exceptional system builds upon the original Slide design by incorporating continental-style construction techniques, resulting in a range of unparalleled features.


The Slide 2000 showcases the signature slim line profiles and minimal sightlines that have become synonymous with the Smart brand. Furthermore, it incorporates state-of-the-art thermal break technology, delivering superior thermal performance to discerning consumers. To add to its appeal, the Slide 2000 offers the flexibility of dual colour profiles, available in an extensive selection of captivating finishes.


Primarily designed for residential applications, the Slide 2000 serves as a remarkable sliding patio door solution for both new build homes and refurbishment projects. Additionally, it proves to be a versatile option for light commercial use, such as external serving hatches in restaurants, as it can also function as horizontal sliding windows. This is particularly advantageous in settings that require enhanced ventilation. Moreover, the Slide 2000 caters to the specific needs of environments like schools and hospitals, where an open sash that does not protrude and obstruct is paramount.

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